Ayahuasca Drawing by Cristopher Kobler

Drawing the invisible – Ayahuasca experiences visualized

Cristopher Art, Illustrations, Research

Due to my background in illustration and social anthropology I’m fascinated what can be created in their intersection. Combining them in order to illustrate higher states of consciousness and the sphere of imagination became a passion for me during the last two years at the faculty of social anthropology at the Unversity of Bern, Switzerland. It is this space where no machine is able to enter which causes awe and fascination. To explore this realm I asked myself the following research question: Ayahuasca is a psychotropic substance which helps shamans throughout the South American rainforest to step into contact with the spirit world and to communicate in higher states of consciousness. Since November 2018 I’m collecting individual Ayahuasca experiences around the world (in Vienna, Basel, Bern, San Francisco, Ecuador) and converted my own experience into a short comic. Due to my still ongoing research I will only present my own …